all music written and performed by Allen J. Friedman.
At its purest, the core of Jazz Improvisation defies's intangible...but you know it when you hear it! It is hard to define, for instance like when first seeing a rainbow, but as you approach closer it disappears as you try to touch! This is the art of creating a unique musical statement ''on the spur of the moment'', in the now, composing on the spot, without prior practice or plan! It is a most freeing experience! I invite you to explore my keyboard concepts and thought on the inventive pulse of jazz!  -Allen J. Friedman.

A Jazz Story!  I met the famous jazz pianist Erroll Garner at The Theatrical Grill in Cleveland, a few hours before our family was to see him on stage at Severance Hall! This was 52 years ago...and I was only 15! I spotted him nearby in a booth wearing a beautiful tux with a great white napkin draped over him! I was a little nervous as I approached him,( he was eating a shrimp cocktail!) I said'' Mr. Garner, I love playing the there any advice you could give me?'' He hesitated, then looked back at me and said...''Keep playin...don't stop....don't ever stop.'' That was Great Advice because at 67 years old, I'm still playin and I never stopped!